Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why is Cleaning Important?

After thousands of years of civilization, we've come a long way in short time...

Up until nearly 300 years ago, garbage and wastes were commonly thrown into the open city streets while pigs and dogs were encouraged to roam the streets to consume the trash.

Modern environmental management began when science discovered that the wastes and filth of living had devastating consequences.

First we discoverd germs. Then we discovered that germs spread - especially when people come into contact with each other in dirty cities with schools, hospitals, public gatherings and places of business.

Around 200 years ago we discovered that sanitation - namely, controlling germs reduced the likelihood of contagion and could benefit our general health. The benefit of this knowledge has in large part added decades to our life expectancies.

The quality of the indoor environment is created through cleaning and proper maintenance. Cleaning is essential to good health and to evironmental protection in your home and in your business.

Cleaning is about creating a clean and healthy environment for you and your family and your co-workers to enjoy the benefits of this extended life in comfort and good health.